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Whether you are starting your own home inspection business or interested in a position within an ongoing enterprise that requires you to be a certified home inspector, we are the specialists. H.I.T.S. has been teaching home inspectors for nearly 10 years.

  • Created by master inspectors with unparalleled experience
  • Your instructors are licensed Oklahoma Home Inspectors
  • We wrote the book on home inspections
  • We take you through every level of of training
  • We offer one-on-one support as needed

Dr. Jack Werner and Fred Ayers will teach you how to inspect a home via the H.I.T.S. online training and education course. Approved by the Oklahoma Licensing authority as the Basic Course for the trade of Home Inspection (H1088T), this is the course you want to take if you want to learn how to become a home inspector in Oklahoma.

Our 90 Hour online training program satisfies Oklahoma education requirements for home inspectors.

Home inspection of air condensor unit
Home inspection finds leaking pipe and other defects.
Home inspection reveals rusted chimney cap
Home inspection of damaged electric outlet

At online Home Inspection Training Specialists, we utilize:

  • Online classes and videos
  • Books, manuals, articles
  • Inspection scenarios
  • On the job training
  • One-on-one opportunities

For Home Inspection Certification in the following:

  1.     Oklahoma
  2.     New Mexico
  3.     Kansas
  4.     Missouri
  5.     Arizona
  6.     Louisiana

If you want to become a home inspector in Oklahoma, you need to take our course.

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Dr. Jack Werner and Fred Ayers will take you through every level of training via the H.I.T.S. online training and education website, while also offering one-on-one support when  needed to overcome any obstacles during your home inspection course.


We offer students the ability to go on real life inspections and view first hand what an inspection entails. This ability to work with experienced inspectors at our Oklahoma City location (optional) adds a second tier of hands-on-training that most online training programs do not offer. By actually working side-by-side with a seasoned veteran, you will solidify your technical training, and learn firsthand how to execute a thorough home or commercial building inspection and prepare you for an inspection job.

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This in-depth course was developed in accordance with the Oklahoma Home Inspection Licensing Act (OS 59:858:622 et.al) and regulated by the Oklahoma Rules for Home Inspectors (OAC 158:70)

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H.I.T.S. is directly affiliated with A To Z Inspections of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which has completed nearly six thousand successful home and commercial building inspections. The only inspector service in the State of Oklahoma that sends two certified inspectors to each inspection to ensure complete thoroughness and attention to detail. This also aids in your training, and ability to produce effective, and detailed reporting that you will need in your future small business venture, and or providing exceptional value to your employer’s clientele.

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