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Mr. Fred Ayers holds Oklahoma Home Inspectors license (#214), and was the presiding Executive Director of Oklahoma Residential and Commercial Inspection Association (ORCIA).

Fred has been a home inspector for over 15 years.

Dr. Jack Werner (home inspection license #255) is the president and owner of A To Z Inspections in Oklahoma City, OK, and was previously the Executive Director of Oklahoma Residential & Commercial Inspection Association (ORCIA).

Dr. Werner’s experience comes from the inspection of over five thousand (5,000) homes, and commercial buildings and or real estate properties since 2002.

Not only do both Fred, and Jack operate their own professional home inspection companies in the OKC area, they are instructors at the local vocational and technology center in the same city. Furthermore both educate individuals on weatherization, and home inspections to the Chickasaw Nation for OG&E and OSU-OKC.


Passion is the word that describes both of these individuals when it comes to the home inspection industry. They are constantly educating themselves on new home and commercial property technology and news, to pass on to you, the student. Up-to-date information on subsystems within homes and businesses is key to their. and your, success.

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We have been doing this for a while, so we know how to teach you to understand the best practices and processes.

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