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Overview of the online OK Home Inspection Course


Our online course is the only Construction Industries Board approved course in Oklahoma that includes on the job training



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Do not attempt to complete this course without the required text references.

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home inspection reveals damaged support in attic
home inspection shows hail damaged rusted flue cap
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This Home Inspection Basic Licensing course requires 90 hours of your time and must be completed within 60 days of starting the course. It is designed to prepare you for licensing in the state of Oklahoma. This course meets the legislated minimum training hours required. The course is web-based with a hands-on component. You must obtain the necessary reference materials prior to beginning this course. You will need access to the internet. This may be achieved through high-speed internet connections. Use of dial-up and DSL connections may require extended periods to ensure proper and complete download of course material.


At the end of this online course, you will have a basic knowledge of Home Inspection.  You will be well on your way to sitting for the required Oklahoma State Exam. You may not wish to become licensed as an inspector if you only desire the skills to conduct your own investment or purchase inspections. Make yourself familiar with the applicable laws of your state. If you are going to inspect in Oklahoma, become very familiar with Oklahoma State Laws OS 59:858 and OAC 158:70.




If you intend to be licensed in the State of Oklahoma as a Home Inspector, you must be a legal American citizen, 18 years of age or older, and not have been convicted of a felony within the past 10 years. You must complete a pre-licensing course approved by the State Board of Examiners, and pass the State mandated test. The information in this course is also beneficial to be used to supplement real estate skills, or to help you as a home owner. Non-Oklahoma students should contact their local licensing or registration official for specific instructions on their state requirements.

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