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Below are links to several distributors. You may order from whoever you like. You are responsible for obtaining the required text books prior to beginning this course.



1.  Burgess, Russell W. Real Estate Home Inspection Mastering the Profession, 5th edition. Dearborn. To order, call            (313) 836-4400      or go online to Request ISBN 0-7931-6825-2, or Reorder number 1531-0105.


2.  Dearborn Home Inspection Education, The Illustrated HOME To order, call            (313) 836-4400      or go online to Request ISBN 978-1-4195-8919-5, or Reorder number 1513-0802.


3.  Code Check, An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House



The following publications can be downloaded using a PDF program such as ADOBE READER. Click here to download Adobe Reader.


1. OS 59-858 "HOME INSPECTION LICENSING ACT" HomeInspACT.pdf  sb645_enr.pdf  (SB645 is and amendatory document to the basic Licensing ACT.  Be sure to read both documents).


2. OS 158:70"HOME INSPECTION INDUSTRY" HomeInspRULES.pdf  Requires Adobe Reader




The publishers and writers of the publications in this training program do not compensate the instructors in any way.  These publications are used by your instructors for teaching purposes only.

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