Before you decide on what class or online school to attend

Ask if you get to go on actual home inspections.

We are the only CIB approved course in Oklahoma that includes on the job training. You will go on at least 5 student home inspections.

Learn to inspect the complete house

We are the specialists. H.I.T.S. has been teaching home inspectors for nearly 10 years.



Created by master inspectors with unparalleled experience, who teach at local colleges, metro techs, and at seminars.




Your instructors are licensed Oklahoma Home Inspectors and literally wrote the book on home inspections.




We take you through every level of of training and offer one-on-one support as needed



How to become a Home Inspector in Oklahoma

  1. Choose a certified school where you have the option of on the job training.
  2. Take notes, study the books, and pass the class.
  3. Apply at the Construction Industries Board.
  4. Pass the CIB test.
  5. Submit your insurance to the CIB.

The Oklahoma certified school where you go on inspections.

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Start your new career as an Oklahoma home inspector.

Call us at 405-474-3362

Home Inspection

Training Specialists


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