Your home inspection career starts with an education

Think about the benefits of running your own business:
√ Set your own hours
√ Set your own fees
√ You can work anywhere in Oklahoma.

Home Inspector Career

Our online home inspection school is dedicated to helping you become a home inspector. Money or income is strictly up to you and what you would like to accomplish financially.

The home inspection industry is a stable platform

Obtaining a home inspector license can open a new door to a career that allows you to become independent of an employer. You will be in control of exactly how much income you would like generate for you and your family.

Today’s job market is chock full of lack luster positions and lack luster paychecks to go along with them—you have a choice.

Our on-line classes include actual ride along learning inspections.

When researching other home inspector schools, ask if they include students going on real home inspections with licensed home inspectors.

Our on-the-job student training, and online home inspection school will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish your goals.

Year round Income

Depending on where you live, your potential income will vary considerably in some cases, but even low averages for the typical home inspection professional is still within the $40,000 to $50,000 per year range (if you are actively marketing, and selling your services year round).

Self-Paced Learning Curriculum

By enrolling, you can immediately start your classes, and be prepared to take your state exam upon completion. This is especially beneficial to those who have day jobs, and want to make a jump to the self-employment platform while taking care of their family at the same time.

Money and Time— what it comes down to...

These are typical issues that individuals consider when contemplating starting their own business. The home inspection industry is the perfect answer for such situations. You can schedule when you want to work, and when you want to take time for other activities such as quality time with your family.

Our Teachers Educate and Train

Our instructors are certified and licensed CIB Residential Inspections Instructors. They have years of expereince as inspectors and as teachers.

Our teachers know the ins and outs of home inspecting and the tests. They can teach you the process of inspecting a home.