Our Home inspection School Program

Required Textbooks

You may order text books from whomever you like.

Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus, stocks these resources. You may contact Francis Tuttle directly to obtain the publications or order through the below listed links.

You are responsible for obtaining the text books prior to beginning this course.

The following publications are REQUIRED


Principles of Home Inspection Systems and Standards, 3d Edition.

This publication is the central publication for completion of this course.  (Dearborn)

The most comprehensive guide to home inspection available! Written by home inspectors, for home inspectors, the updated third edition of Principles of Home Inspection: Systems and Standards offers a basement-to-chimney guide to the modern inspection profession. For every major house system, this best-selling book explains the component problems, their practical implications, and the inspection strategies for finding them.

Code Check, An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House.

This publication will provide you the information on what you will be inspecting new homes.  This should be considered the central document from which you will look at any other than new property. Why this publication?  Many older structures will or may have had modifications after being occupied.  Your focus, in part, should be on the modifications to the property since the completion. Codes and specifications are written to incorporate new materials, workmanship and safety.  Your focus is that the item is still safely installed

The following publications are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Inspect swimming pools

Should you inspect swimming pools in your business, the following resource is an excellent guide to learning and inspecting pools.  This publication is also available through the Book Store at Francis Tuttle:

Your Pool A to Z: A Survival Guide for Every Pool Owner (Available from Francis Tuttle only)