Our Home Inspection Online School

Subjects studied

1. Home Inspection Introduction
The student will view a video by Jack Werner that reviews Home Inspection.

2. Oklahoma Law and Oklahoma Standards of Practice
The student will read, review, and take a quiz regarding the Laws and Regulations for Home Inspectors in Oklahoma. The Minimum Standards are presented in the State Regulation. Each student should download and make a resource book to review continually as they proceed in the course and when they eventually become a licensed home inspector.

3. The Inspection Report
The student will learn that the report is the most important document of the home inspection process. Conveying what is found must be in writing. The report prevents issues from arising after the inspection is performed.

4. Hands On Inspections
The student will attend five live ongoing home inspections. These inspections are performed on properties that have just come into the market and an inspection by a professional has been requested. There are no standby properties for training purposes. Student may accompany as many inspections as necessary to understand the application of the rules and the systems needed to conduct inspections.

5. Soils and Foundations
The student will learn the requirements to inspect the foundation and whether any grading and/or drainage issues or conditions will seriously affect the foundation.

6. Exterior
The student will learn how to inspect exterior components of a property and determine if adequate water shedding conditions are present to prevent damage to these components.

7. Roofing
The student will learn the different styles of roofing and proper inspection points.

8. Plumbing
The student will learn how to inspect the plumbing system.

9. Electrical
The student will learn how to inspect the electrical system of a residential property.

10. Heating and Ventilation
The student will learn about various heating systems and how to inspect the proper venting of these heating systems.

11. Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumps
The student will learn about air conditioning systems used with residential property.

12. Interior
The student will learn the inspection points of interior components such as walls, doors, drawers, windows and cabinets.

13. Insulation and Ventilation
The student will learn about the various types of insulation and proper attic ventilation.

14. Appliances
The inspector will learn about installed appliances and what to observe for proper operations.

16. Swimming Pools and Spas
The student will be made aware of the intricacies of swimming pools and spas.

17. Termites and Other Wood Destroying Insects
The student will learn about wood destroying inspects and their affect on property.

18. Environmental Considerations
The student will learn about environmental issues that can affect residential properties.